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TIFF 2009 @ the Hazelton! Hanging out with Carole Nelson Brown. We finally found the remote for the TV in the bathroom.


This a beauty creative I did early this summer with my good friend Richard Dubois. I remember thinking I can’t pass up this opportunity,to work with such a beautiful face!

Even if it means doing the creative after a full day of working on the ME to WE catalogue.

This was my first time working with this beautiful model named Santa @ Chantale Nadeau. Her natural beauty inspired me to bring out her best features, and enhancing the natural texture in her hair. I kept her skin dewy and all the makeup I used was cream based. Absolutely NO POWDER!!! The look turned out to be ¬†translucent, delicate, and fragile, reminds me of Faberge Eggs.¬†I am so happy about the way this photo turned out! Stay tuned to see the 2nd photo shoot I did with Santa. You won’t recognize her!!!

Beauty Creative with Santa

Beauty Creative with Santa