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It is always so nerve-racking to do another makeup artist’s makeup. YIKES!

Not only is Jennifer a makeup artist herself, she’s a bride-to-be. I feel very honoured that she is considering me as the artist of her choice. It’s only going to be the most important day of her life, right?

Jennifer is also the sister of my good friend Joelle Litt… model, stylist, writer extraordinaire!  Now, I can’t let them down.

Here are Jennifer’s thoughts about me before the trial. NO PRESSURE!

These are photos from our  recent Hair & Makeup Trial. We’re going for Red Carpet hair with a touch of Vintage inspiration. We want to keep the makeup romantic, pretty, and to bring out a glow.

Wanna know if I passed? Here is Jennifer’s Wedding Blog on Wedding By Color, with honest comments from other bride-to-bes.


Every year Victoria’s Secret has their $10 million+ Fashion Show around the Holiday Season. How can you miss out on all the glamourous Hollywood A-Listers in the front row and the BLINGing bras? It’s broadcasted in over 90 countries, and I too, sat in front of the TV to see the supermodels strut down the runway.

I got to see a familiar face in the bunch, Behati!

I had the priviledge to work with Super Model Coco Rocha and Behati Prinsloo for Holt Renfrew‘s first ever video vignette. I assisted the amazing celebrity makeup artist, Jackie Shawn, on this amazing project. This video was shot by Geoff Barrenger at the Gladstone hotel in Toronto. There was not much makeup assisting needed but I did get to do their manicures and powder their noses 🙂

They filmed Coco and Behati running around the Gladstone with vintage suitcases, playing dress up and even had a pillow fight!

Here is the Final Edit of the Video!

Behind the scenes, there were 8 full rolling racks of couture, Valentino, Dior, Gucci, Alexander Wang, YSL, Furs, etc… you name it…Tables of jewelry, watches, makeup, giant perfume bottles! Endless tables of bags, clutches and row on rows of sky-high boots and crazy shoes. Everything was estimated to be over half a million dollars! The supermodels got to choose whatever they wanted to wear, have fun, and run around… just girls being girls.

Just a small part of the wardrobe I managed to get a few pictures of…

It’s finally up! I have been waiting so long for this editorial. Well, it’s now online and just in time for Christmas!

This is my first editorial feature for TORO Magazine, I got to do the Hair Styling, the Makeup, and even the Wardrobe! With the help of my talented assistant Candace French, of course.

We shot the lovely Priscilla Caripan at the beautiful Gladstone Hotel in the Queen West Neighbourhood.

I got to work with my favorite Glamour Photographer in Toronto, Eikona Photography.

Our inspiration for this lingerie guide, was all things Holiday, we wanted to bring the cozy feeling of staying indoors while there was a snow storm just outside the windows.

Click here for the full editorial. Priscilla is super sexy!

Check back soon for behind the scenes at this TORO Magazine Photo shoot.

I am so happy my friend Amey has moved back from New York City. She works in business, but is also a painter, a baker, an artist, and a jewelry maker! This multi-talented young lady has a blog about all things she loves. Check it out!
I got to visit her littlest puppy in her beautiful new home in Toronto.

Amey’s house is decorated with modern furniture , but also mixed with exquisite pieces from her travels. She even has a Craft Room, where she gets to create beautiful artwork, without having to worry about distractions and ruining the furniture. Every girl deserves a Craft Room!

It was fun to catch up with her and to style her hair for several events during the summer. She has the most beautiful long healthy black hair and the warmest smiling eyes. Take a look at the photo below!

One of the most passionate people that I have worked with this year is photographer Ian Brown. Not only is he knowledgeable in music, art, film, and culture. He is dedicated to his photography, whether it’s actor headshots or his personal projects, he always looks at his subject with a present and focused point of view. I have had the honour to work with Ian and Lindsay, his studio & production manager, for many projects thought out this year.

Ian is in Africa right now, photographing people affected by AIDS, specifically African grandmothers who carry the burden of raisng their grandchildren because of AIDS.

Here is an article in the NY Times describing this AIDS pandemic.

I wish him a safe trip, and I can’t wait to see the images he captured when he returns.

On set with Ian @ his studio

Meet Dorothy! one of the lovely actors we worked with, she has the most beautiful icy blue eyes.

How can we forget Duncan? I think he is the BIGGEST DOG I’ve ever met! But with the biggest heart too! Duncan you big baby!

Check out Duncan’s own Website 🙂

Here is a look at my photo shoot with Richard Dubois! “Greater Goods” features Me to We Style – a Canadian clothing company that sells T-shirts with positive messages that are manufactured in the U.S. and Canada in an ethical manner out of pesticide-free, renewable materials. Check out HALOGEN ‘s site Halogen is a socially conscious television network and website that empowers its viewers to make positive changes in the world around them. Using film, documentary, episodic and other formats, Halogen features a wide variety of programming that empowers viewers to leave their mark and make the world a better place to live.

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