One of the most passionate people that I have worked with this year is photographer Ian Brown. Not only is he knowledgeable in music, art, film, and culture. He is dedicated to his photography, whether it’s actor headshots or his personal projects, he always looks at his subject with a present and focused point of view. I have had the honour to work with Ian and Lindsay, his studio & production manager, for many projects thought out this year.

Ian is in Africa right now, photographing people affected by AIDS, specifically African grandmothers who carry the burden of raisng their grandchildren because of AIDS.

Here is an article in the NY Times describing this AIDS pandemic.

I wish him a safe trip, and I can’t wait to see the images he captured when he returns.

On set with Ian @ his studio

Meet Dorothy! one of the lovely actors we worked with, she has the most beautiful icy blue eyes.

How can we forget Duncan? I think he is the BIGGEST DOG I’ve ever met! But with the biggest heart too! Duncan you big baby!

Check out Duncan’s own Website 🙂