I was booked to groom a country musician who needed promotional photos. I assumed it would  just be an ordinary day on set, but boy was I caught of guard.

I arrived at Photographer Victor Tavares‘ studio, to find out it was, Johnny Reid.

This soft spoken musician brought his guitar as a prop for one of his photo sets. During down time, he played his guitar and sang for us. It was like nothing that I had heard before. His powerful voice filled the entire white concrete studio. He sang with passion and his sincerity, his artistry truly inspired me. I was also fortunate enough to meet Johnny’s mother, who was also on set.  You can tell that his mother was so proud of him, as she listened to him sing. Here are some of the photos from our shoot!

My first impression of Johnny, was that he looked like the friendly guy next door…with a Scottish accent. I thought, pretty distinct for a country artist, but it was his talent, passion for music, and his love for his family that truly made him unique.

I recently watched the 2009 CCMA Awards, I am so happy that Johnny’s hard work has paid off!

He is the recipient of the 6 awards, Album of the Year, Male Artist of the Year, Fans’ Choice Award, CMT Video of the Year, Top Selling Canadian Album, and Songwritters. Go Johnny Go!