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ImageImageImageImageStephanie Sandiland is a sultry sex kitten! This is her shoot with Eikona Photography for Maxim Mexico. Wardrobe by REmix Clothing (Salem) and Hair and Makeup by Ivy Lam.

Look inspiration: Modern day Marilyn Monroe, but with Beachy waves and golden skin. Sexy bedroom eyes!


I got a last minute phone call from the beautiful SOPRANO Erin Cooper Gay…” Ivy! Are you free tonight? I need to look like Kate Middleton!”

I usually call Erin my Blonde Bombshell Gisele Bundchen. They look a like don’t you think?

Photo © Bo Huang Photography / Ivy Lam Hair & Makeup / Atelier Rosemarie Umetsu

How am I going to make her look like Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge? Well with the help of a brunnette wig, an eyebrow pencil, a fake bouquet and a tiara. I think we did a pretty good job!

It was all for fun anyways, the TSO’s “Last night of the Proms” .

Cheers! xoxo

I am so happy my friend Amey has moved back from New York City. She works in business, but is also a painter, a baker, an artist, and a jewelry maker! This multi-talented young lady has a blog about all things she loves. Check it out!
I got to visit her littlest puppy in her beautiful new home in Toronto.

Amey’s house is decorated with modern furniture , but also mixed with exquisite pieces from her travels. She even has a Craft Room, where she gets to create beautiful artwork, without having to worry about distractions and ruining the furniture. Every girl deserves a Craft Room!

It was fun to catch up with her and to style her hair for several events during the summer. She has the most beautiful long healthy black hair and the warmest smiling eyes. Take a look at the photo below!

One of the most passionate people that I have worked with this year is photographer Ian Brown. Not only is he knowledgeable in music, art, film, and culture. He is dedicated to his photography, whether it’s actor headshots or his personal projects, he always looks at his subject with a present and focused point of view. I have had the honour to work with Ian and Lindsay, his studio & production manager, for many projects thought out this year.

Ian is in Africa right now, photographing people affected by AIDS, specifically African grandmothers who carry the burden of raisng their grandchildren because of AIDS.

Here is an article in the NY Times describing this AIDS pandemic.

I wish him a safe trip, and I can’t wait to see the images he captured when he returns.

On set with Ian @ his studio

Meet Dorothy! one of the lovely actors we worked with, she has the most beautiful icy blue eyes.

How can we forget Duncan? I think he is the BIGGEST DOG I’ve ever met! But with the biggest heart too! Duncan you big baby!

Check out Duncan’s own Website 🙂

It’s Halloween again! And this year I had the privilege of doing Lauren’s Hair and Makeup again!

She loves all things vintage, this year she put on her Military Uniform, and we had fun with Pin up girl makeup and hair!


Thanks for the Allen’s Patties Lauren, and be careful driving with those dangerous lashes!

Last year’s halloween! Yes, we did vintage too 🙂

Only Holly, would let me try out a new curling iron in her. She has the most beautiful healthy, thick , and shinny one length hair I have ever seen.  I often tell her that its worth a lot of money , and she should be weary of people who want to snip it off  and sell it on a black market!

I love the way the hair turned out!  I can’t wait to use this curling iron on a Photo shoot.


So lucky to have her as my guinea pig. Holly did her own makeup in the photos above, she is incredibility talented. She has assisted me on a Me to We photo shoot in the past. Here is a look down memory lane. Photography by Richard Dubois.

Me to We July 2008 1280 Logon9250861046_1869670_7772n9250861046_1869672_8908

My friend Karen first introduced me to Candice, her coworker, friend and neighbour. Candice and her family scheduled their very first portraits as a family. So she decide to give me a call to help her out with her Makeup.

It was Thanksgiving weekend, packed up my kit and was very excited to meet them. We got set up bright and early in her home in he beautiful Cornell neighbourhood in Markham.  I met her little cute as a button and very well-mannered baby boy, Cameron. And also Candice’s hubby, Scott!

I am so happy about how the outdoor portraits turned out!

P.S. Thank you Karen, for the Timmies!


Candice just finished Makeup, Cameron just finished his Cheerios!

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