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Today was a really fun Shoot! I arrive at Pie in the Sky Studio for my 11:00am call time. We were shooting stills for a new TV show. The show was kinda like Highschool Musical meets teenage aliens.

The cast was extremely sweet and sincere! They even helped to steam each other’s wardrobe! It was fun to work with the wonderful Greg Van Riel again on tis assignment.

Couldn’t take any photos of the actual set, but here I am in the Makeup Room!


We are shooting a TV show called “Fresh Life” which will be airing on Sun TV in the next few months. Hosts Marty Galin and Kaveeh Shoman takes us around the city, and shows us everything about fresh eating and healthy living.

The crew was shooting on location today at the world famous St. Lawrence Market. Showcasing the different varieties of sprouts from Uncle George’s Place. Locally and Organically grown, they taste fresh, crunchy, some are even spicy and nutty!

Marty swears by them! Doesn’t he look great? He just lost 40 pounds!

Speaking of pounds, I managed to only carry a small grooming kit today! Just a set bag, my brushes, and my purse. I should really do this more often, I think my regular kit weighs more than 40 pounds!

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